The municipality of Menterwolde includes the townships: Noordbroek, Zuidbroek, Meeden, Muntendam, Tripscompagnie and a part of Borgercompagnie. Menterwolde has approximately 12.500 inhabitants. The municipality of Menterwolde was founded on the 1st of January 1990 as a result of the municipal rearrangement in the province of Groningen. In this arrangement three municipalities were united to form a dynamic municipality.

Beautiful Menterwolde

The province of Groningen has developed itself to a much loved region. Within the municipal there are a number of cyclepaths and various bikingroutes. Also for aquatic sporters Menterwolde has something to offer. At walkingdistance of Zuidbroek, along the 'Winschoterdiep' a habour for temporary visitors is situated, which is bustling with activity during the aquatic sports season. At this harbour various facilities are present and from here trips can be made through the entire province. Naturelovers get their share in the superb 'Heemtuin' in Muntendam. In this garden one finds several rare species of animals and plants.

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Gemeente Menterwolde
Address: Postbus 2, 9649 ZG Muntendam
Telephone: (+31)598 658888
Fax: (+31)598 621688
E-mail: info@menterwolde.nl

Monday to Friday: 8.30 - 12.00h and on Thursday from 18.00 - 20.00h 


Postbus 2, 9649 ZG Muntendam
Kerkstraat 2, 9649 GR Muntendam
Tel. (0598) 658888
Fax. (0598) 621688
E-mail: info@menterwolde.nl

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Geen telefonisch spreekuur, tel. 0598 373700 (kies optie 2).

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